Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pseudopod 106

Pseudopod 106
"Jihad Over Innsmouth"


Jetse de Vries said...

A freelance editing gig? Care to give the gritty details?

Hope all is well!

DED said...

Sounded great and the feedback was positive.

Yeah, spill some details. :)

Edward Morris said...

Freelance editing a crime novel I can't really talk about...Non Disclosure Agreement.. but this puppy's big, you guys. Making a knot and hanging on to its tail as we speak. Glad to hear from you both. All is okay, I suppose. As an old drunk I knew in Oakland once said, I'm one step ahead of the tidal wave and livin'.

Just got invited to read at the HPL Film Fest as well. Dick Lupoff and Laird Barron are gonna be there. I am already doing handsprings. Stay tuned...