Thursday, October 16, 2014

Undergoing Renovations

This blog is about to be synched to a website concerning Editing, the spoken-word read that I MC, and a few other such enterprises. I couldn't be more thrilled. And I will defend this enterprise by any means necessary. I will be successful, and not from the shadows. Some things are too old and blown-out to do much damage outside of my imagination. Time for the Future.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


I was honored and proud to roll up my sleeves and help Eraserhead/Deadite editorial get this issue rolled out. Included are an interview I did with Lucius Shepard... who is recovering well and posting again online, much to my delight... and a review of a nine-headed creature I met called 65 STIRRUP IRON ROAD... Click here.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


CLICK HERE This is a really wonderful thing and I am speechless. Three cheers. My entry in The Science Fiction Encyclopedia...despite previous Firefox issue that clipped the wrong link, my apologies. Link is fixed now. Mad, mammoth, mutant props to John Clute, David Langford and everyone working on this massive undertaking.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On counting blessings--- Partial Scorecard for Halloween Week

Cautiously returning to using this blog as a Real Thing again. Including a few peeks "Inside The Writer's Studio."

Justin Montgomery sent me the finished version of ANGELS, REST, a graphic novel whose story initially started when we all began the Willamette Valley Sorcerers writing group way back in 2010-2011. Could not be prouder of seeing this, and the print novel (more parts of the series' very involved story) CHILDREN OF PANDEMONIUM which I helped edit, and wrote the Foreword to.

On November fifth, I am MC'ing the fifth Hour That Stretches spoken-word read at the Jade Lounge, 2342 SE Ankeny in Portland, 8-10 PM, no cover, 21+.
Olympia's own multimedia fireball Ann S. Koi, first person to ever read at the Hour, returns with another powerful excerpt from the TRIBES OF HEAVEN series, this one from sequel-in-progress ABOVE THE SUN. Seattle-area horror author Aaron Besson will be bringing his Punk Classicist/Edward Gorey meets Ogden Nash brand of Horror to share with us. And two Portland poets, Dan Raphael (from the 'living legends' sub-category) and Brenda Taulbee (from the 'living-legends-in-training' sub-category) also agreed to grace our stage.

David Agranoff and I are well past 90,000 words on FLESHTRADE, the first honest-to-gods Space Opera either of us have written. The circumstances of its formation were quite dire. On both our ends, one thing kept ringing true:

An idea, one that was so big I couldn't help but be captivated by it. About a politician whose daughter gets kidnapped and sold into prostitution, on a planet far beyond the Red Line of human expansion; a planet whose whole economy revolves around all such forms of sexual slavery. The idea was not Erotica, but its opposite. Nothing about this story would appeal to the prurient interest... for long.

That planet became Makaliki-Segundus, drawn whole and further out in time from my BLACKGUARD series. Forerunner to that rationale was a story called "Sweetheart of Segundus" that Cecelia Tan very kindly ran on Circlet Press's Microfictions page. The 'gargoyle' native species in that story were given an awful twist by David to become our Hush'nah; or, in Human slur, "Imps."

This story occasionally makes me curse the very idea of Sleep, and tends to flatten almost anything in its way. Ray Bradbury talked of discharging the emotions through daily, disciplined writing. FLESHTRADE discharges my entire soul. There are parts I have to get up and walk away from...but when I come back, I realize that what we have here speaks so much to so many. And, as Howard Waldrop said of my work with Lou Antonelli, the collaboration is looking successful because the child doesn't look like either parent.

No, it sure doesn't. It looks like a lot of its grandparents, though, and it stops the breath in my throat. More on that when it is closer to done.

I just realized I could write an explanation like that for every single new project, and there are many. And that this wasn't at all what I sat down to blog about. Not remotely. This is better. This can stay. Back to work...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Phoenix From the Flames: An Anti-Manifesto

Current P.O.D. works from Wildside Books here: interview with me (click this sentence) concerning BLACKGUARD, the city of Portland, Oregon; the late Robert Sheckley and some other fun stuff...

Grey Matter Press author Bio for "City Song", with Trent Zelazny

(Knuckles crack in a warm room. Heat vent stirs the thumbtacked pages on the wall...)

I am gutting this blog and streamlining it for new posts. It has been too long since I've done so. There were reasons, but those reasons don't need any free advertising. When you don't feed them,and wait them out, they tend to turn to stone when the sun come up. (Learned that from some guy named Baggins, who was smarter than he knew. )

To all new visitors, hello. I'm trying to redecorate in here from front to back, middle first. (Can you please hand me that roll of drywall tape, there on the--- Yeah, you saw it first. Cheers.)

Depending on what I decide to delete... The above links are current, and a little about what I've been up to lately. There's no big mission statement on this revamp. That will come out in the writing, as so much does. To the newcomer, I've been writing Speculative Fiction professionally since 2002, trying to write seriously since 1991, and knew exactly what I wanted to do in 1980.

I'm not in this for the money, which is good. Because anyone who tries to be is, as Darrell Schweitzer famously asserted, clinically insane. The difference between an outsider's view of publishing and its brutal realities is staggering, and quite hard for some to understand. But so are its rewards.

The award nominations almost mean as much to me as having Joe R. Lansdale call my work "outstanding" (MUSIC FOR FOUR HANDS, with Lou Antonelli), or Barry N. Malzberg writing that THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN in its final form trod the same sacred ground as ALAS, BABYLON. Collaborating with Lou Antonelli and Trent Zelazny and Ann Koi and David Agranoff. *Interning, on my very first cartoon, and given nearly total creative control. Ramping this house like a dynamo every time Jeff Burk and I have the laptops going at the same time. Showcasing a perfect cross-section of every kind of writer I love to hang out with every First Tuesday at the Jade Lounge. And...

And there it comes back to the street. To the trenches. To something I said when I was about seventeen that I still believe with every quantum particle of my soul, and would happily jump on a grenade to defend: That even my own work, all the risks and desperate gambles and sacrifices I've made for it, all the exaltations and accolades and "This Is Why I Still Do This" moments...

Even all of that means exactly Zero to me, compared to what I can bring out in others through it. What I can teach others to remember that they can do. Jello Biafra once said something that I put on a music-stand facing the audience at my first live read: ANYONE CAN DO THIS. NOW GO OUT AND DO YOUR OWN.

And when my eyes are pointed there, it generates the kind of courage that Thucydides wrote about. The kind that puts us in the trenches and keeps us there, because of what we defend to the death. That thing heliographing from every eye up and down the line. That thing we do. That terra-cotta army that we are. Bless.